March 12, 2018, another small claw

There is a region of extremely weathered rock that contains very small shattered bone held together with multiple generations of consolidants. Glue. Acryloid/Paraloid B-72 dissolved in acetone, very thin and watery so it penetrates into cracks and porous rock and bone, the go-to glue in the field. Back in the lab, it is also handy for loosening up bits of old glued-up rock, using a hardener as a softener; but you have to act quickly before it begins to harden too much.

I was scanning the surface with a microscope and spotted a small curved edge of bone, so I followed it along with the airscribe and this turned up- another small claw. This guy must have been cute until it latched onto your toe. Now it’s a smeared roadkill. What seems to be a severely beat up skeleton, probably a pigeon -sized juvenile Utahraptor. It was really hard to set up a good shot today so the pic is not the best. 20180312_144014


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