We still haven’t figured this one out…

2018-01-17 14.48.10

Jim Kirkland and Karen Poole (among others) have been speculating on what this bone represents for a few days now. Admittedly it’s a pretty trashed bone, but everyone who looks at it says about the same thing- This looks so familiar, I should know what this is…

Even a relatively sizable bone like this has its own challenges in terms of the prep. All the cracks are filled with matrix and bone bits from this and maybe other bones; most of the right side is badly shattered bone; the upper right edge of the bone in this view has a rind of bone in the rock on the other side of the crack; the left side goes from having a distinct and sharp edge of bone to being subtle and ghosty and hard to tell where it ends; the lower corner (right of “SVP”) is in about 6 pieces with bone and rock all glued up in the field and hard as nails…

Even with all the flaws it’s a cool and interesting bone. Guesses as to what it is are all over the board. I’ll let you know when we figure it out. One suggestion, though, you might want to think outside the box- this bone could well belong to something other than Utahraptor.

-Scott Madsen

Update- Jim Kirkland is now quite certain this bone is a quadrate of an adult Utahraptor. Sweet!!!


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