A couple of square inches I stared at all day- pausing to work out details

Almost every day I take pictures of the work I’ve done. It will help to measure progress and it’s fun for me to watch before and after photos of a days work.

One of the trickiest aspects of the prep on this block is dealing with the crack systems that often seem to run across the bones at different angles, maybe even showing some faint slickensides with vertical movement- offsets. Offsets and cracks are usually accompanied by a zone of crumbled and/or displaced bone; every crumb has to be dealt with individually. There are rapid changes in the matrix. A lot of the cracks are now covered in what appear to be dendrites and other mineral stains and crusts. It’s insane.

In spite of all that I feel like I’m getting a much better handle on how to deal with this rock. A lot of it involves applying a bunch of very thin Acryloid B-72 in acetone to anything that moves.

2017-11-14 14.09.312017-11-14 14.09.442017-11-14 14.09.572017-11-14 14.29.082017-11-14 14.29.442017-11-14 14.29.51


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