Nice little ilium this week!

I have been opening up new “windows” into the block, exploratory work to find more bone. Also a lot of clean up of areas on the surface that got pretty hammered during the long excavation, mostly by moisture damage.

This is just a portion of an ilium, part of the pelvis of a juvenile, presumably a young Utahraptor. Need to find out if an ilium was part of the diagnosis of the species.

It was really fun working on this piece. The rock was fairly cooperative, there were no other bones to get in the way, and best of all, the broad flat surfaces of this pelvic bone are relatively crack-free, and made of smooth compact bone. I hope to move enough rock next week to see it this has a leg attached to it!

I also had a visitor this week. The skeleton comes from another exhibit at the Museum of Ancient Life needed some  repair. It was a little disconcerting to keep seeing it out of my peripheral vision. I kept thinking, Who is this guy?


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