Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.



2017-10-26 08.35.402017-10-26 08.34.54


3 more days at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah. I spent a lot of time cleaning things up, trimming edges of matrix, removing bits of glue and rock, consolidating lose pieces of rock and bone. I think I am going to need a dust extractor soon, too; way too much dust accumulating around my work area and in my nose.

So a few of us were standing around the block the other day and I was staring at this hole I had created through the upper rock and into the sandy, course greenish rock where most of the bones rest. It occurred to me that with a nice sidelight on it, it looked like a window into the block, and it was just thick with bones. It’s already an impressive sight!

We also just got our microvideo camera mated with a high-def monitor in the visitor gallery outside the lab window. It is awesome!!! More on that later.

Meanwhile, in the past 3 days I started exploring some fresh real estate and these 2 interesting associations of bone have shown up. Both appear to be rows of caudal (tail) vertebra of different sizes and different parts of a tail, perhaps. It continues to be very challenging prep. A lot of this bone is covered with a thin and brittle layer of rusty hematite sand or some crystalline substance that is sometimes stuck to the bone, and other times barely holds the bone in place. It requires a lot of very judicious use of consolidants (Paraloid B-72 mixed thinly with acetone); another good reason to get a dust/fume extractor in place soon.



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