A 360 view of the paleo lab at Thanksgiving Point, Museum of Ancient Life

Here is the where it happens. It’s a great lab space with plenty of room to move workers and equipment around the block. The megablock looks a little undersized in this view, but trust me, at 8’x10’x3′, it’s a whopper! The pic was taken a few minutes before the museum opened to the public so the gallery outside the window is empty now (except for the mannequins in the dioramas), but over 300,000 people walk by here every year, so things can get pretty busy.

Note the long table in front of that gallery window; one of our hopes is to have a scope with a microvideo camera there so the public can see us further preparing bones that have been removed from the block providing an exceptionally up-close and personal look at how the work is done.

We hope you will drop on by and see us in action soon.  Enjoy the view!


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