New York Times looks at our project

Good afternoon from Utah! I noticed a spike in donations to the GoFundMe site early this morning and soon learned that a story about the Utahraptor Project’s funding quest had appeared online today (8/28/17) in the New York Times. I was mostly pleased with how the story was covered, but there were reminders that you can explain things carefully to people and stress what you think is important, but ultimately you do not have editorial control over what they print.

In particular, I’d like to point out that the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point has been very supportive of our project, even if they are not currently fundraising for it. For the record, they have provided us many courtesies, including purchasing some of the equipment needed for setting up a video feed from the lab to the museum gallery, the use of tools and expertise, and of course, the substantial amount of floor space we occupy in their lab. They also collaborated with the Utah Geological Survey to secure full funding for the project, but unfortunately this effort did not yield the results we were after. Perhaps this collaboration will become reenergized, but in the meantime we are determined to see the project go forward while we continue to seek other sources of funding from grants, corporate sponsorship and other sources.

It was a pretty positive upbeat article and I thank Asher Elbein for a nice story with great photos. It seems to be attracting a fair amount of attention right now, which is wonderful!

Thanks again to all of you who have donated to the project. I hope we can keep you informed, entertained and engaged in the months to come.

-Scott Madsen



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