Small femur, big block.

So check this guy out. It looks to be a proximal femur with the rest headed into the rock. Sorry I did not use a scale bar in these pics, but you could look at yesterday’s pics and see the surrounding bone with a scale bar for context. It’s a bit thicker than my thumb.   This is fun stuff but it sure isn’t easy to prepare.

Other news. We got a microvideo set up over the past couple of days!  We’ve still got some technical bugs to work out involving sorting out best cables, etc., but we’re almost to the point we can take microvideo footage. The past 2 days the folks visiting the Museum of Ancient Life paleo hall have been able to see live prep, exactly the view I am seeing through the microscope eye pieces (except, of course, not in stereo 3-D) and people seems to be really enjoying it. When I’m prepping on some boring section a while I can move the scope a few inches occasionally to show a nice jaw and you can hear the noise level go up in the next room where the monitor is as people recognize what they’re seeing. It’s fun!

As soon as we’ve replaced a cable to HDMI (Thanksgiving Point is helping with the cost of this), we should be showing high enough definition to see the sand grains I missed on the tooth serrations. It’s pretty cool.  I’m looking forward to making some educational videos, including some micro-fossil prep instructional stuff.

Small is beautiful!

Scott Madsen, Aug. 1, 2007



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