More bones! Lot’s more bones!

Here is a quick sampling of some of the material I’ve found lately. After spending some frustrating days trying to open up new areas of the block for exploration, I went back to the original opening I made in the block when I had to trim it down to fit it in the lab. Compare these pics to ones posted earlier. I have tried to go back and work my way down in between the bones previously prepped out. What do you know, there’s more bones pretty much everywhere you go!

The prep is difficult. The separation of the rock from the bones varies from inch to inch, with some popping off neatly with the touch of the scribe, but mostly having to fight for it with a very delicate touch and judicious use of consolidants (Acryloid B-72).

The coolest thing to show up recently is what is surely a partial pelvis with the side view of a sacrum with the ilium on the bottom side present- who knows where the other ilium went?  It could show up anywhere.

Other recent finds include more caudal vertebra and a few mystery bones that will require a bit more prep to figure out.

I am trying to spend a few 8-hour days a week at the lab.  Last week was pretty satisfying. I think I am getting a better handle on how to be more efficient with the prep and practice is paying off. But it still remains one of the most difficult and complex prep jobs I’ve had in nearly 40 years doing this kind of work.


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