Video tour of new bones found in the megablock


We want to share with you an exclusive look behind the scenes at Thanksgiving Point, Museum of Ancient Life’s paleontology preparation lab, home of the Utahraptor Megablock.  Please check out the video below and take a look at some of the cool bones that are just now coming to light in this amazing chunk of rock.

Soon we will be able to add views of what we are actually seeing under the microscope as the work progresses. All this is thanks to you folks who have so kindly donated to the Utahraptor Project’s GoFundMe site- Thank You!

Also many thanks to our good friend and project supporter, Dale Gray, member of the Utah Friends of Paleontology (UFOP)- more on UFOP soon!

Thank you,

Scott Madsen

One thought on “Video tour of new bones found in the megablock

  1. Thanks Scott for the interesting update and tour of part of the block! One suggestion for your videographer, Dale: the rock music in the background made it difficult to hear you describe the bones. Perhaps he can lower the volume in that in a future video. Best, Liam


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