A little bit of the past- very little!

While removing an inches thick plaster and burlap jacket it was hard to avoid peeling off a bit of rock here and there. A close examination of this dinner-plate sized chunk of jacket revealed part of a tiny raptor skull with an even tinier replacement tooth poking out. This came from almost the center of the jacket which had suffered some water damage at some point, but more of the counterpart to this skull piece are still in place.  Meantime, I can prepare this piece out of the plaster jacket. Looks pretty sweet to me. I hope the resolution is high enough that you can see the tiny serrations on the replacement tooth in both pics-if you can spot it in the first pic. Much of the bone and teeth from this greenish colored rock is a pale white color and there is seldom any warning that you’re about to encounter it. At this scale I prefer to put away the air tools, go for the 1mm carbide needles and crank up the magnification.


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