Almost ready to start work!

Check out this equipment! This is some of the most critical equipment we need for working on the block. The centerpiece is the microscope body with the yellow focus knobs and the eyepieces. The oval piece between them is one of the reasons we got this particular scope. It swivels vertically, a feature that will let us to see into all kinds of awkward places on the block without having to do the same to our bodies. It gives us range of movement and versatility.  The other pieces of equipment are a stronger objective lens (for higher magnification) and a “bridge” piece that extends our reach another foot or so and allows us to attach additional optics and cameras so we can show and record what’s going on. We’re just waiting on a couple more pieces to put this all together.

Thank you for your donations to the Utahraptor Project!


-Scott Madsen



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