Fundraising Campaign Launched for The Utahraptor Project

This morning, October 19, we launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for The Utahraptor Project. Please visit at

We’ve established a reward for donors of $25 or more to get access to protected posts on this blog. Here’s how it works: when you donate $25 or more to The Utahraptor Project GoFundMe campaign, we will send you a password key to give you insider access this blog’s protected posts. The idea is to give donors first access to many of the new discoveries, photos, videos, and scientific discussions generated by the project. While we will share all aspects of this project with the public in due time, part of the fun of this is sharing the rush of discovery that comes with a new find.

For example, one game all paleontologists like to play is “What is it?” On any given day a random corner of a bone is revealed in the rock and the first thing everyone in the room wants to do is identify it, but there’s not enough visible yet for a positive ID. As it’s further prepared a curved edge of bone appears. I say it’s a glenoid cavity (part of the shoulder), but Rick thinks it’s the back of a lower jaw. Who is right? It’s the kind of friendly competition that goes on in paleontology labs all over the world every day. It’s fun, and it’s informative. For a small donation you can be part of those discussions!

Obviously, we can’t show you any new bones until we have raised enough money to purchase the tools we need to prepare the fossils, and this will be first goal of the fundraising effort. We can show you images of the equipment as we get it, explain fossil preparation techniques, and much more. We hope this blog can become a favorite community for Project supporters. We hope you’ll contribute and join the adventure!

 Our first fundraising goal is $16,000 for the following equipment:

• $9,000 will go to the articulating microscope package

• $2,000 for the needed air scribes

• $2,600 for a portable dust collection system

• $2,000 for preparation supplies

This will be enough equipment for one person to work efficiently and safely on the block. It also includes microvideo hardware so we can start taking pictures and video to share with you, the donors, as quickly as possible. 




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